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ME Rangemasters

Manroy offer a full range of high performance tactical weapons from 7.62mm, .338” to .50”

The heart of the Rangemaster is the 4-lug Quadlock action renowned for unrivalled accuracy,
Action, bolt and barrel coatings are extremely hard wearing, corrosion resistant and have a very low coefficient of friction; wear is therefore greatly reduced, with the major advantage that the rifle may be used in harsh conditions without lubrication.

Triggers are fully adjustable and easily maintained. Manroy feature a two stage trigger operation with a pull weight factory set at 1.5Kg. The safety is incorporated into the trigger design and locks in two places.

An extremely fast lock time (time from trigger pull to detonation) is 1.5 milli-seconds. This further improves accuracy when shooting at long range.

Premium quality barrel chambered to internationally recognised specification. All Manroy’s barrels are pre-machined to accept muzzle brakes or suppressors as standard.
Barrels are fluted for good balance with a length and twist to suit the distance required

ME Rangemasters

pdf Download our latest datasheet for the 7.62mm Rangemaster Stby.
Download our latest datasheet for the 7.62mm Rangemaster.
Download our latest datasheet for the .338" Rangemsater
Download our latest datasheet for the .50" Rangemaster