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7.62mm Para Commando MG

The 7.62mm Para Commando Machine Gun is designed for use in a ground role. The weapon is fitted with a short barrel and folding butt to provide a compact unit. This makes the Para Commando the ideal choice when limited space is available (for example, when parachuting or fighting in built up areas).

The gun is a fully automatic, air-cooled, gas operated, belt fed weapon, capable of a high rate of fire. It is simple to operate and quick to strip and assemble.

The rate of fire is stabilised at 625 to 750 rounds per minute, the gun can be fired using either the integral bipod or mounted on a special purpose tripod. The rate of fire is controlled by an adjustable gas regulator.
The barrel can be easily and quickly removed and replaced. The barrels are chromed lined to reduce wear and a flash suppressor/compensator is fitted.

The gun has integral front and rear iron sights. A NATO Accessory Rail (STANAG 2324 /Picatinny) is included in the feed cover; additional rails may be fitted around the gas cylinder at the forward end of the receiver.
Front and rear mounting points are included in the gun receiver, providing a means of attaching the weapon to a tripod or gun mount.

Ammunition is fired using disintegrating link. Spent cases are ejected downward through the ejection opening.

7.62mm Para Commando

Reduced barrel length; assisting carrying, deployment and weight reduction.

Weight reducing Aluminium alloy bipod

Folding lightweight stock

Additional Picatinny rails for multiple mounting points

pdf Download our latest datasheet for the 7.62mm Para Commando.