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7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun

 In the infantry role the GPMG is designed to serve as either a Light Machine Gun (LMG) or as a Sustained Fire Machine Gun (SFMG). In the LMG role it is fired from a bipod, and in the SFMG mode from a tripod. The gun may also be fired from pedestal mounts on various vehicles, boats, etc.

The Turret/Vehicle Mounted and Coaxial Armament Guns are designed for use in AFV’s. The guns may be quickly converted for use in the ground role by fitting a butt, bipod and barrel, which are carried in the vehicle.

The Coaxial version is mounted alongside the main armament in the mantlet. The rate of fire is stabilised at 625rmp - 725rpm. The muzzle is fitted with a combined flash hider / compensator

7.62mm GPMG

Feed tray and cover are manufactured from aluminium alloy for durability and weight saving.
Ammunition feed is by disintegrating link. 200 round belts are issued but can be linked with further belts.
Optional fixed or adjustable gas regulators can be supplied.
Convenient carrying handle and barrel locking catch. Barrels may be changed in a few seconds.
Rear sight adjustment from 200-800m on base and 800-1800m on vertical slide.


pdf Download our latest datasheet for the 7.62mm GPMG.